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Media by Alex Yanes · X94Ee-lcfV · Likes: 107 · Posted: 2013-04-11T15:52
11.04.13 - 15:52
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Alex Yanes

If you're in Brooklyn, NY 2mrw night...



@alexyanes looks great Alex! When are you in town until? #squeakyclean ❤💋✌


Hey what font is the 'Squeaky clean'? Thaaanks 😬


@icecreamassassin do it!


@cantuna I'm here until Sunday morning. Lets meet up? What part of the city are you in?


GL and kick ass @alexyanes


@mizdon21 thank you!!! Hope you're good!


@goodluckwithat if you are in the hood, peep this. I think you would like some of my man Alex's art, kid. xoxox


@msgoobs thanks friendo!


Always. I rep only the fresh! :)


Good luck meng!




@msgoobs u da best!


@jdunny83 thanks!


@loumanchoo thank you sir!


@alexyanes a friend I'm going to be working with has a show in Denver & I'm leaving tmrw & coming back sun. I guess that means I have to trek down to Miami to meet up!! Ugh! Ha! I still want a speaker box! Have fun! Your work is awesome! ❤💋✌


@alexyanes wait are in NYC today?


@alexyanes I wish I was. I'd be there in a heart beat. Congrats.


@msgoobs might could check this out mane


@cantuna yes I'm already in NY.


Good luck with the show!


@crummygummy thanks man!


Wishing you much success!!!


@alexyanes We are so excited to come tonight!! I have a girly question: what's the dress code!? 😉


@steffie980 excited to see you guys. No dress code . Come as you are.


Hey what are the gallery viewing hours?


@sevimismyrealname 12noon -8pm weekdays / 11am-7pm weekends


Checking it out tomorrow. Congrats!
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