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Media by Bobbi Renee · BkA6mgYHk5T · Likes: 14 · Posted: 2018-06-14T20:14
Media by Bobbi Renee · BkA6mh1nLGM · Likes: 14 · Posted: 2018-06-14T20:14
14.06.18 - 20:14
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Bobbi Renee

As I was walking onto the college campus to start my run I was having a quick conversation with my Mom about how my mood has been in the deep mucky waters of the gutter lately and that nothing I’m doing seems to be kicking it and I’m beginning to feel defeated. In that same instance a yellow & black butterfly flutters all around my face catching my eyes with its natural beauty and I immediately stop talking about my horrible mood and tell my mom all about the beauty that just caught my attention. I fall completely silent, stop walking & just watch it fly away. I reached the trailhead, hang up with my mom, start my music and running app but even a mile in I can’t stop thinking about that yellow butterfly. When my run wraps up and I’m stretching I name 3 things I’m either grateful for or that was beautiful on my run. Today I’m thankful for the yellow butterfly that caught my attention for 3 reasons...1) butterflies start out as caterpillars 🐛 the morph into one of earths most beautiful creatures 2) yellow was my grandpa’s favorite color and everything yellow reminds me of him and 3) because the color yellow represents so many wonderful things such as hope, optimism, happiness, a positive future and the perfect reminder that I am to remain positive and hopeful even when all I feel is darkness 💛💛










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