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Media by Stormie Mills · Bhpt7d0AgNw · Likes: 329 · Posted: 2018-04-17T02:42
17.04.18 - 02:42
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Stormie Mills

For me sneakers re-invented fashion, they lead the charge from the ground up, shoes were tired, something that you “had” to wear to school etc but they weren’t attainable the style of sneakers I wanted as a kid were on TV or in movies definitely not available in sports stores, the sneaker emporium was years away. Choices were either get a pair of “4 stripe Adidas” & unpick a stripe hoping no-one said anything. If you managed to get a coveted pair of kicks they were worn until they were worn out, pizza box inserts extended the life, laces snapped & new ones replaced via the cobblers, they were fashion that the fashion houses didn’t understand, way back when they weren’t seen in fashion magazines.























What a cool look 😍😍 love your sneakers!


Dunlop volleys were the pinnacle of coolness back in the day #80’s


...’Rome’s were the days....’


Love your stories @stormiemills - Takes be back but I was a 70s teenager into punk!


Red striped Rome's


@hatsbytbk , the cool boots started to be accessable, and I worked out it was ok to be myself , love your work bro ✌️🤘


For me sneakers mean comfort and a way of being trendy in my old age


Desert boots! Yes Dunlop’s too @quiettimenow & loved my moccasins ... today I still get around in my old skool vans 👀


Thanks Stormie 😊 Good words


Too true....... 👍🏻 Mine were 2 tone blue leather Addidas in the late 70’s 😂


Sooooo true! 😂




@hatsbytbk 🙏


@milkdmaylands 😆


@juliagrimes01 thanks Julia - I can imagine you being a punk!






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