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16.04.18 - 22:00
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Kelly McKernan

Today is your last chance to snag a custom resin print commission! You can even get yours hand-embellished by yours truly. 🔗in bio! ✨



These are so beautiful! What resin do you use if you don't mind me asking?


@roboyel thanks! It's @art_resin


I hear Brazilian Girls in the background!


Why does everything look 100x more awesome when encapsulated in resin? So shiny!


Wow you are really good at that! That stuff is tricky!


Now that is a precision tool! 🍴Might have to use that idea for when I pour resin over my next bigger cameo 🤔


@tiakinsmanart I happened to have a lot of plastic cutlery at the time, so I just grabbed it! A spoon or knife even does better. 😅


@superficialdanger u will love her art


@tattooedhorselady it's so dangerously addictive


@snackpaprikash ha! I wish. It is!!


@kelly_mckernan Don’t worry. I watch resin pouring videos just because they are enthralling (or those ones were they put alcohol ink in resin. Why is it so addicting?!) I also have a particular love of watching artists shellacking varnish on paintings because first it’s dull and then, “oooooooh, shiny. Do it again! Again!” <- easily amused


These videos never get old 😍


@tattooedhorselady shiny things 😍✨💖✌️


How do you get your prints onto wooden canvases and have them look so flawless??😭😍😍


@sar_ruuhh panels**


@glitteredbugart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


@sar_ruuhh I mount the prints myself into the panels. It's a lot of work!


@lost.gemstone.drawing 💜
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