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Media by POSE MSK · BhpMd4WDT0_ · Likes: 3817 · Posted: 2018-04-16T21:50
16.04.18 - 21:50
❤ 3817


“Fertile Ground” 2018







So stylish love your works




This is pretty special


Nice, can I ask you a question? I can tell you use acrylic, but when you do the black outline what do yo do with the paint?


@abstrakkt I've asked him this before and no response. Must be top secret I guess. 😔


Don’t know why, but this one always seems to be a favorite you.


Those warm shadows are extra nice 👍








Smooth af!


Amazing. Sharp! Love how those colours pop. 😍😍


@monchdieu @abstrakkt fluid acrylics


Love it!


Always so tasty


@uncle_strawberry thank you, dope work.


Natives gonna start biting this now watch... dope AF tho... 🔥👍


Yeahhhh 👍🏻


@uncle_strawberry thanks a lot man!!
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