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Media by Pez · BhpIQLuHl9J · Likes: 9515 · Posted: 2018-04-16T21:13
16.04.18 - 21:13
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"Kunoichi" acrylic and spray paint on coated wood (93x120cm). Visible at my show in london 20th april - 5 may with @avenuedesarts_hk
















@kaakashii7 this cool


@childish_megino can we do a color study like this, where part of the whole image is color study and then it makes up a cool whole piece. If that makes sense..


@marcelitabeltrao aaah que linda!! Obrigada!




@joeyallencreations yeah like a section is pixelated for a color study. I'm down




@imma_murse reminded me of your art!




@jonesy_au that’s cool


Love the combination of colour and greyscale




Wow! Love this style😍




Your work is insane! I love every piece


Hmm @belindagjelsvik 😘😘😘


Pretty cool.


Love it!!!
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