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Media by FAITH XLVII · BhnHkAolslH · Likes: 1663 · Posted: 2018-04-16T02:28

▼ London, United Kingdom

16.04.18 - 02:28
❤ 1663


Thanks to @protrahere for sharing his capture of hunger in London. I never thought i’d say it but i miss that grey megalopolis...




#faith47 #XLVII #FaithXLVII #london #streetart #urbanart #londongraffiti #londonstreetart #painting #street #art #contemporaryart #lion #urban #decay


never is a long word 🖤








Hopefully some people will take a moment to stop and admire this treasure!




@blackjaguarwhitetiger 😍


Lovely ❤️




@faith47 any chance your art appears in the movie Chappie?




We miss this piece so much! Please come back x


Me too


@czechmet yup




@faith47 new it! Instantly knew it was yours. I work @evergreen_brick_works and see your beautiful art every day!


47 IS the number for faith in the Earth - 4 - constant on Earth - 7 universal perfection - the ultimate balance of you on Earth - go all the way, 477 - show them the moon and the stars as well!!! Love your work.


The grey megalopolis misses you too.


It’s sunny today ... 🌞


Superbe ✨❤️✨


@faith47 ROAR !!!


@faith47 p.s. it’s winter again in Toronto. You wanted a winter photo, right?!




Think London is overdue another visit & beautiful painting 🙂
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