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Media by fin dac · Bhmd3dAlrxV · Likes: 3737 · Posted: 2018-04-15T20:24
15.04.18 - 20:24
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fin dac

Spring has sprung in


and @bloodyyank has been out in the hills to get pics of my water-tank artwork surrounded by lush greenery. Model/muse @hiyaimnicole.















Wowza 🙌🏻


A great piece for a great spot


now I have to find this




@stellawolfie We have to see this next time! I love his work.


Fuuuuuck that’s sick




I love your mural in Portland, and I love this one even more- didn’t think it was possible!!❤️❤️




I will find... 👀!!


This is a favorite!!!!




Superb bro


This is a fav for sure




@findac I have followed your work, for some time, and each post is awesome. Just a quick question. Who is your fav street artist. Who has the wow factor for you. Or just name a few. Ps. Always keep up the good work.


This is one of the hidden ones I was asking about when you were at the ktown piece. Wonder if any of my SLO or SB connections know?


So good! 👏🏻


That is one of your best pieces ever. BEAUTIFUL




Wow 😮🤩


Amazingly beautiful!


Superb! The Hills really are alive ! Where’s this please?


@kanpai02 Conor Harrington and Inti


Wow! Great piece! 👍




This is stunning!! You are an amazing artist! I love all your work! Will you in the bay area anytime soon? We need a piece in sf from you




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