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▼ Kazone Art Academy

15.04.18 - 19:21
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Kim Jung Gi US

KJG + @hyunjin_photo is coming to Seattle on 6/21 for a 1-day lecture/workshop • KJG’s 2018 Sketch Collection will be unveiled for the first time at the Seattle workshop • For more info, please visit (link in bio)



Question, is the lecture gonna be in korean with a translator or does Kim Jung Gi know English? I haven't seen a video of him speaking english


2018 sketchbook! Awesome


This is an amazing shot! Fantastic job and a great eye! :)


Oh you're so special


@kimjunggius Come to Saint-Petersburg with lecture/workshop pls!!!


Lucky people 😢


@dennersantana10 é do cão


i neeed to be there!!!


He looks like Saito from one punch




@jktattooing hell yeah


God's class.


I wanna go visit😭😭😭


You are great..... Sir


seco master


Dialogue is too quiet





Can anyone participate in this workshop? I'm definitely interested!


Someone text me 216-704-6252


Check out our gallery for original artwork by ind. Asian artists! ✌🏼






@lorenzo_beatrice17 Autostima a puttane...Grazie lori


@method_sound right! The music is way too loud.


@kimjunggius hi can I pls ask how could I sign up for the workshop ?




@joaosrochaneto obrigada tio. Seria ótimo pra mim. Mais um Workshop desses deve ser o olho da cara. Aqui temos profissionais que já cobram valores " altos pra mim" Qt mais. Mas valeu, obrigada.😍🙏😘


OK, this dude's spacial memory is insane!! Like, how many ppl can draw like that with no basic shapes first and no reference pictures??! It's incredible!!


Those smiles are priceless as they witness the complexity of forms and shapes being drawn so simple by master @kimjunggius showing that their is an simple way to draw complexity. 👌
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