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▼ Queretaro

15.04.18 - 06:57
❤ 435


Adios, happy Mexico. See you again someday. Thanks to all beautiful people we meet here 🙏🏼 ✨



I love Mexico so much🇹🇯




I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for leaving us part of your work!


🙌🏻🔥✨ gracias a ti


Вас очень ждут дома!!!


Great to finally meet you both! Looking forward to the next time. Safe travels, friends!💙💦


thank you very much come back soon 🤙🏼




Какими изящными могут быть люди в танце. Эх, ещё бы в жизни так!


It’s the best isn’t it!?!!😉👌🏻❤️We were in Mexico City while you were there and in Tulum😉






@i.luh_yana this is how you need to dance today


@cristobalayalar I can do itttttttt


@cristobalayalar the song started with Ayala??
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