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▼ Torrance, California

15.04.18 - 00:21
❤ 1928


Time Lapse of Berlin Blue 4ft. Giant Panda King 1 SilentStage x Woeski⚔️



Track "Love Movement" by Love Journey ( Never officially released our 4ft, but they are made to order all hand done with your choosing on color accent.) contact @silent_stage 👊🏽 Serious inquiries.



Awesome! What kind of tape are you using?






how did you sculpt it?


@homunculustudio green frog.


You're a true master of your craft!






lol too dope brotha


Freaking cool,


I’m hoping one day to buy one of these big ass pandas blank.










How much for one black and white with grey accents




Need to do a poly one


@woes Thank You for showing your process, much Appreciated


I want..im from jakarta indonesia..how to buy?
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