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14.04.18 - 21:17
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Augustine Kofie

This is my second go at a series of my technical illustrations & collage designs on vintage clipboards using the laser etching technique. A true example of ‘Vintage Futurism’. On top of that I apply washes and hand paint each piece, so the're treated like HPM’s. I also love this series as I get to continue my support of working with local craftsman like @2ndwnd, based in my hometown. __________________________________________________ This series is part of my recent collection MKNZM for @swintongallery, Madrid on view through May 27th. With generous support by @plataforma_pac. __________________________________________________ Collectors catalogue and all inquiries | Shipping worldwide. __________________________________________________ First 30min of the MKNZM soundtrack streaming at: __________________________________________________


























Sooo fresh!


What's an HPM






@0terilla - Hand Painted Multiple. Edition of prints but each one is unique.


Waaaaaaaaaaanttttttt ooooooonnnnnneeeeeee


I 💙 these!


Kofie howse


✨ wow. Inspiring.


So rad


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