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Media by fin dac · BhgrzIXl-P4 · Likes: 2810 · Posted: 2018-04-13T14:30

▼ Paris, France

13.04.18 - 14:30
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fin dac

If you’ve been following my insta stories this week you’ll know all about me getting the bit between my teeth on some restaurants illegally copying my work for their businesses. @umamekitchenbar manned-up and painted over their copy of my Indocea work. Contrary to their online statement, I’m still waiting for @sushiatelierlondon to do the same... but maybe for them it’s lawyer time.









Hopefully they will let you paint a real one. Love your work btw 👍


Lawyer time for sure!




Smh. When they could have paid for the real thing


Fair play..went to lecture on copyright law among photographers. Glad to see and hear art community coming together!!best of lucj




The nerve of people, hope it gets taken down


More power to you man!!!


You know , it truly lols ! I'm sorry you're going through this . I wrote you a while back about a restaurant in Aruba . It's obvious people love your work , and there is a magic that only can happen when the artist himself does the work . May the places that have stolen your work be over run by millions of roaches !


I was wondering about this!! I’ve also seen one in Sydney!!




The one at @sushiatelierlondon is pretty terrible 😂




Take them to court!


Bad Ass!!


Yes bruv!! 👊🏼


Why don't they just get you to paint it. Amazing work @findac




Wow cheeky. Go get them.


Good for you man!




You have the copyright. People think they can steal everything they see on Internet and think everything’s for free. That’s your artwork - your food on the table. It’s clear that they have violated the law. Absolutely!


OMG. What a SAGA! 😵


Go get em!




Naughties... stand for your right 💯


@amitrano_gallery laughing at the roaches comment 🤣🤣


..where are you painting here ??


What a shame they wouldn't just pay you for it. My heart hurts a little seeing your beautiful work being covered up.


If they admire your work @findac then they should hire you, period.
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