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Media by Greg "Craola" Simkins · Bhg0X5LBmss · Likes: 8452 · Posted: 2018-04-13T15:45
13.04.18 - 15:45
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Greg "Craola" Simkins


to a couple years ago working on my piece “Where Am I”. I like painting at this scale , it allows you to pack in juicy detail and texture in each section:) . . .











@skywalkr12 yes sir👌


Just curious about your wall easel? Are those two clamps at top? Thx.😁


You are an all time fave💜I always love your beautiful work🎨


Well said.👏👏.. Your a great inspiration to all artists and lol


Your fresh brother




Wow.. didn’t realize the size of it.. makes it that much more impressive! I do love all those “hidden” details!!💫




Modern master


I love working large, but it's such a hassle to ship. Maybe I just need to move closer to LA


Beautiful work, love your letter style also hope you don't abandon burning


Your the reason I paint 🎨


What kind of canvas do you usually get??


U r a loling beast!!!!!!! ...excuse my language, but your art excites me and makes me wanna punch a bus stop to vegetarian so i chose a bus stop over an animal....a human child on a micro scooter would do too tho🤔


@craola can we be in your shoes for one day?


Nice Benjamin Moore paints you got down there! Did you use the glaze on this painting?






So much rad!🤘😎🤘


I remember seeing this one when it was about half way done in the studio with @michael_b_perez and @instaagraham Good times!




Same here I find that I don’t get enough out of smaller canvases


I think this was the same one I saw at KP. Very impressive in real life.


@kyle_bon bro!!! I remember!!! So sick!!!




@cocovexy 👌


Love this painting !!! Is gorgeous 💖💖💖


Any plans to come back to the East Coast for a show again?


@craola back in like 2004 I used to check all the time and look at your work. I’ve been a fan ever since 💯
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