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Media by Tobias Saul · BheweIJHEXY · Likes: 2812 · Posted: 2018-04-12T20:39
Media by Tobias Saul · BheweL8HS-3 · Likes: 2812 · Posted: 2018-04-12T20:39
Media by Tobias Saul · BheweW6nVDp · Likes: 2812 · Posted: 2018-04-12T20:39
12.04.18 - 20:39
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Tobias Saul

Throwback! I created this design about two years ago for @hookandironsco ...still one of my favorites 😋



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Great stuff!


Really nice logo 💣


Excellent work! Are you interested in presenting your creations on our 1340art instagram? For more info. Please click the link in our bio.


awesome. love it!






Love it! Very nice!




That lettering does have a vintage feel. Great stuff


I like the hopper.




Very cool and well done!! 👍🏻👌🏻😊


Ooooooh. I love this.


Just wanted to say that your calligraphy, craftsmanship and style is amazing. Keep up the good work.


@tobiassaul My Last name is Hopper and I live in Brooklyn! How can I get a copy of this to out on a t-shirt and print a sign for my bar in my house? AMAZING WORK!!!




This is absolutely beautiful! Insane level of craft!! 🖊🖤




Stark !
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