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12.04.18 - 17:23
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Dan Fraga

Lovely Bones Timelapse





#boss #theboss


Nice touch putting the rubik's cube there sir. Do you speedcubing sir?


@junjoemonares I do though only OLL. 79 seconds is my fastest. Aiming to beat a minute.


How sway?


Hot damn you are fast! What pens are you using?


Really like this one




How did you learn that freehand market technique where you kind of construct one completed portion of the image before you build of it with small completed portions of the image? Are there any books or tutorials you’d recommend?


@deltoidium Pentel Pocket Brush and Presto whiteout.


@murderpunch I taught myself. email me @ danfraga@mac.com and I’ll send you my notes.


Love the watch in the shot


Nice!!!.. and nice soundtrack!!


Absolutely beautiful


@couchdoodles wow I would love to learn too


@couchdoodles emailed! Thank you so much!


Omg i miss these


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