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12.04.18 - 17:26
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Swoon Studio

Playing with how sculptures move under water. The jellyfish tests, @isabellabaquerizo holding the strings.




Woah. 😍


They buffed my favorite piece of yours at The Farm in SF :(


Incredible creatures. Good choice to make art of ;)






Spooky 🎥






@seanmichaelmueller have you seen this??


Dooooope I love it




I love the shadows. So beautiful


Oh WOW! Please post more! My favorite artist has made a sculpture of my totem animal! Guess it's time for new ink.


What mechanism is making it move?


@gisel_florez clockin dis processss




Now you are technically a puppeteer !




Don’t get married to a net


I love that your commitment to growth & change & experiment in your artistic expression!
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