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Media by Gemma O'Brien · BheEXmyg8qq · Likes: 9310 · Posted: 2018-04-12T14:08
Media by Gemma O'Brien · BheEXnAgFGR · Likes: 9310 · Posted: 2018-04-12T14:08
12.04.18 - 14:08
❤ 9310

Gemma O'Brien

Excited to be featured in “look what we made”, a new book from @frankiemagazine that celebrates the handmade way of life. It’s 256 pages profile a new generation of Australian makers: potters, hatmakers, illustrators, cobblers, musicians and more. It’s available in selected bookstores and newsagents, or online at Shots by the talented @carinethevenau. More pix in my stories 📓✏️🖤👂🏼





@cisco181 q sonho




@jejehmaximo meeee que dahora!!!!!


@ehdare 😍😍😍


You rock!😩❤️🤟🏽






@cutesitaa me diuta


hermoso <3




This is such a beautiful work space. 💛


What an inspiring work area!


@dougalves @nocompression




I looovvveee your office 😍😍😍 such inspiration


@erickarely la casa?


@latinheat_soulshifter goals for me one day I’ll have my own space to make dope work 🙌🏼






@char_has_landed love the desk


Didn't know Frankie was still printing.




Sooooooooo nice,


Beautiful desk


very cool workstation


That skateboard on your desk is making me anxious


Perfect place




@printelas 😍
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