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Media by ludo · BhbPQlahNT5 · Likes: 921 · Posted: 2018-04-11T11:45
11.04.18 - 11:45
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R.I.P Facebook …. It was nice to not share my life with you ...

















Punk 2.0


Go To Steemit and Steepshot ! 🚀


🐁 nstagram.


Peter Thiel & Palantir... big data...Stanford lolytica💭💥🎯join the dots people...just saying🤯🤬🤮💡🙏☮️


They own Instagram 😂


Well said 😂






Is that a possum?


Instagram is owned by Facebook 🙈


While I love the sentiment, you’re using Instagram which is just the same...


But not t really the same


Ditched it 8 years ago




I stopped using FB recently. Such a toxic environment. Even though Instagram and FB are the same company, Instagram has a much better vibe and environment. So much different.


Dude your technically posting this on fb. Ig is still fb


loled up thing is instagram is owned by Facebook , this lol ain't safe either..




@claend yup same + it for grandparents and people over 50 who need a window out of the cubicle or when someone dies


Could you not just paint the rat? I've seen you paint really well. Quite sensationalist the use of dead animals to make a statement 😓


@markbrandon2174 Cambridge*




@theylive702 it’s also referred to as...research people 🙏


Yep its over


@markbrandon2174 word




You do know facebook owns Instagram right?


@deansunshine haha ! Glad we got a few pastes at least.
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