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Media by ludo · BhbPQlahNT5 · Likes: 918 · Posted: 2018-04-11T11:45
11.04.18 - 11:45
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R.I.P Facebook …. It was nice to not share my life with you ...

















Punk 2.0


Go To Steemit and Steepshot ! 🚀


🐁 nstagram.


Peter Thiel & Palantir... big data...Stanford lolytica💭💥🎯join the dots people...just saying🤯🤬🤮💡🙏☮️


They own Instagram 😂


Well said 😂






Is that a possum?


Instagram is owned by Facebook 🙈


While I love the sentiment, you’re using Instagram which is just the same...


But not t really the same


Ditched it 8 years ago




I stopped using FB recently. Such a toxic environment. Even though Instagram and FB are the same company, Instagram has a much better vibe and environment. So much different.


Dude your technically posting this on fb. Ig is still fb


loled up thing is instagram is owned by Facebook , this lol ain't safe either..


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