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Media by Greg "Craola" Simkins · BhaAR6gh7dR · Likes: 2953 · Posted: 2018-04-11T00:14
11.04.18 - 00:14
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Greg "Craola" Simkins



! Where are you getting your tacos? We think that @ilovelolas has


that are out of this world!!







I take a stabby taco shirt and print. Ty 😁


Colley Cantina , Ghent VA


I ♥️ Stabby!! And I make my own tacos 🌮


I’ll buy that shirt right lolin now!


Ditto @jameson_macarena_weaselbeak_iv x and I'd pay shipping fees to UK too x (I'd be the only one with one around here these parts!) x


@the_real_mandy_c stabby!


@efelix7070 yesss


MN we go to los Ocampo el pastor !!!! And a large horchata






Yes ! I agree ...on a tee would be brilliant ! I would buy one in a heartbeat


They are good there .


Taco Tuesday 😍🖤 hahahahaa!!!


Sounds like a plan!


Are these shirts for sale?


@lexmak13 soon😎


Love ❤️ it


@nobonesbeachclub best beer battered avocado tacos!!


What’s the stabby guy from?


That piece you did there rocks!! So does their food!


@typhus3k me


@espvisuals ahaha noo way 😍




@artofprice I love this Stabby guy haha


Been making my own 🍤🌮


Dude i want tacos so bad...


Stabby is sick. Release more pins


No -Comon.


@craola ,Try Danny Trejo taco place then. @officialdannytrejo


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