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Media by Griz and Norm Lemay · BhZdqrej1zo · Likes: 8029 · Posted: 2018-04-10T19:12
10.04.18 - 19:12
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Griz and Norm Lemay

First of two overall reference page for arms. There's no need to actually draw muscles on every character, but it truly helps to understand the underlying structure, especially when pushing the pose a bit more. One thing that's often overlooked is the connection between the arm and forearm, as well as how the deltoid muscles (shoulder) interacts with the pectoral muscles (chest) when lifting the arms up (front view). Anyway, use this page as you please. -Norm @grizandnorm








Always inspired by these posts!


So helpful! Thank you!


Love this post, thanks!


So simple! Thanks πŸ™


These are always so helpful. Hopefully be able to get the whole book one day πŸ‘πŸΎ


I feel fully armed with great knowledge! Great drawings!


Great post!! Is another Tuesday tips book in the works?


@dvanimate yes.


Very nice; one little point to add: The muscle is attached to the radius not the ulnaπŸ€“


Thanks so much to this! This is gonna be very useful as I’m just starting out studying art anatomy


Super helpful!!! Thanks for sharing!!


@grizandnorm !!!! Looking forward to it!!!


Cant wait for the next book! The first one was so helpful!


*hits the PRINT button* (I'll buy your book when it comes out.)


I need to study this one.


Thank you ! 😊








Great breakdown!
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