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Media by Aaron Kaleinani Kai · BhZcKyrnFb9 · Likes: 1148 · Posted: 2018-04-10T18:59
10.04.18 - 18:59
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Aaron Kaleinani Kai

**SOLD OUT** FOR 1-HOUR ONLY! “Wave Print” Boardshorts in Gurple available on aaronkai.com (link in bio) 🌊




🤦🏽‍♂️large sold out already.. it’s a sad day


Bring back the full color ones 🙏🏻


Modelo 🐣


Gurple sounds like something a girl does to you


Large sold out hella quick haha...


For for skinny ppl bulllol




these are dope! just snatched one 🙏🙏🙏


@badnewsrapdudes oh u gon get a lot of Gurple in these!


Large went so fast!!!


Any chance of any new phone cases coming out?


Any chance of any new phone cases coming out?


Bro wtf how does the large sell out so quick


I’ve been gettin so much gurple with these, it’s ridiculous @aaronkkai @badnewsrapdudes


Damm @aaronkkai #playtimezover


Rerelease in more colorszzzz


Eastern or Pacific Time ?


@allabapx gonna come out with some new styles for women before summer hits




So mad I missed out 😭😭


@aaronkkai you gonna release anymore anytime soon ?




Yoo where do you get your prints made out here @aaronkkai


@worldhunger bruh I keep sleeping on these joints


@michaelbayday Instagram algorithm loling me up


@kawikaftw just came in. Thanks Aaron they are dope


Yo I’m tryna cop these, too tempting now that summers approaching haha


When will they restock???


#ModeloBoyz 🌊🔥


These gonna restock soon?
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