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Media by WAONE Interesni Kazki · BhXLZ-GFIIB · Likes: 1419 · Posted: 2018-04-09T21:54

▼ Barcelona, Spain

09.04.18 - 21:54
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WAONE Interesni Kazki

"Unequal to all equality" I depicted this well known in Ukraine philosophical concept of Gregorius Skovoroda (ukrainian philosopher 1722 – 1794) on the wall for @bizzarremag project


. Skovoroda told: "God is like a fountain, which fills various jars in accordance to their capacity", "little jar gets less then bigger one, but they are equal, because they are both full". /










It’s wonderful , and I was unaware of Skovoroda and this allegorical concept . Thanks for the introduction.




Love it










@garrett_furlong @eenymeenyminee


Feel soul and mystic thanks


Очень сильно


Amazing !!!!
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