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Media by ONUR · BhWCrhYjzho · Likes: 1545 · Posted: 2018-04-09T11:18
09.04.18 - 11:18
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5 years ago I was broke and out of desperation I cut all my bills and taxes to paste this „Kill Bill“ collage. After I sold the prints I was able to pay all my bills again. An important moment to realize that you can make something out of everything 👊










Haha that's just genius.


Illumination ✊🏽


what a great idea...i always though what i could do with all those bills of lol 😄🙌🏻


👑 Kill Bill 🤘


so cool! 😊👌🏻


Wow 💥 inspirierend!


Be zahlt !? 😋🤓😅😁








I love that story so much @onurpainting




Looks awesome


@lyrikfeetz was e geili story 😂


Realest lol he eva wrote




@ordellrobbie_ 👊


Damn, geile Umsetzung und Story!


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