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Media by Taylor White · BhUE7NKA2N_ · Likes: 351 · Posted: 2018-04-08T17:00

▼ Tokyo, Japan

08.04.18 - 17:00
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Taylor White

“Hanami” 🌸 A centuries-old practice of cherry blossom appreciation. The Sakura bloom and usually fall within a week, and as such have come to represent the ephemeral nature of life, embodied in the concept of ‘mono no aware’ (物の哀れ) - literally, the “pathos of things”. The Sakura symbolize an awareness of impermanence, a transient gentle sadness about this reality of life. The Japanese public track the ‘Sakura Zensen’ (cherry blossom front) each year as it moves northward up the archipelago, turning out in droves to hold festivals and flower-viewing parties. The Sakura arrived in Tokyo early this year - in perfect tandem with my visit. What a cool experience.












Gorgeous and your shoes matching the blossoms- on point.


Travelling further south? 🙏


@sandrewmelbs I went as far as the Izu Peninsula (which is gorgeous) ... I’ve returned to the States now, though. Are you there?


Beautiful photo x


with the rad shoes to match


I can’t wait to replicate this photo and then photoshop the two together 🤷‍♀️ #wehungoutinjapan


@emilyjeangray I still can’t get over that we missed each other by such a narrow margin.


Gourgous! 💗


Ohhh this is so beautiful! How did I miss the fact you went back to Japan?!


que bueno!


@pippa_samaya I know I told you when I booked it, but that was ages ago 😅 definitely brought back some great memories!!
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