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Media by Jeremy Hush · BhSjZvvlQXL · Likes: 637 · Posted: 2018-04-08T02:47
08.04.18 - 02:47
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Jeremy Hush

Gotta go see @isleofdogsmovie we loved it!! Made for dog lovers!! Wes Anderson did it well!








Got tix for tomorrow. Psyched!


FMF is so great I can’t imagine this will disappoint


Definitely wanna see it this week!


Jus saw earlier today with my daughter, we both loved it also.




We saw it twice. So far.


I enjoyed it, too!


I enjoyed it


I loved it too!


I saw it with @materialpoetry and we absolutely loved it!


@ayejayart yeah! I’m not sure why he decided to do Puppets but I love it!!


Can’t wait!


Loved it 🖤 made me want a dog


I love dogs


I have to see this!!!


@corarufino, fiquei curiosa para ver esse filme com marionetes. Vc sabe dele?


Loved it!!!


Is it his best movie? All of the others were terrible.


I loved it too.


@buddy.nestor I’m not sure what you do like. Ha.


Ughhh so good! Can’t wait to own it!


@mifaronisa ainda não vi tbm. Mas estou curiosa


I made puppets for that movie!!


@sstormcrow what?!!!!


@jeremyhush yeah man! It was an extreme honor. Hardest NDA I’ve ever had to keep haha! Made three Ataris and one Tracy and some random hands.
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