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Media by Esao Andrews · BhSW5EhHHdz · Likes: 6616 · Posted: 2018-04-08T00:58
08.04.18 - 00:58
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Esao Andrews

That 8ft sq piece painted on a wall @mesaartscenter from last year.





@ccdove tell me how I can buy this


@mariakarahalios ugh I wish!! Beautiful though, isn’t it??




Omg stunning! @lilacwineandthecure


One of my favorites. Is it true you added the swan tearing from the hide just hours before the show? @esao




Beautiful Esao! I didn’t realize you lived in LA now as well!! 🤔😝


I thought this was a casting in silver! 😱😂💙


So gorgeous! @michaeljcooley


This is so very much the best. I love this 🦄💗💗💗


@katiefairart woahhhh


@gbgpi alltså..... jag letar fortfarande på en häst som ser ut såhär..!!! 😍🤩 Finns en som är rätt lik, fast med mycket mindre tagel! Googla på ”akhal teke horse” 🤭🙌🏻


@at_high_tide true! I don’t have a proper pic of it


@countrymouse224 yes I do sometimes from my website. Not selling of this particular image.


sopa maruchan


I just love your work but your equine pieces are amazing!


@esao dude that is legendary 🤘🏼


You can kind of tell in the time lapse


So beautiful 🖤


Dude your a killer man. I remember seeing this in person.






Oh this thing.....




@lavievagabonde alta falta. Wow, danke!


@esao keep up the amazing work!!


I feel like I understand this in a way but like, it says so much I can’t even ✋🏼




So amazing 🙏🏻❤️
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