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Media by WOES MARTIN · BhRp0Lglwum · Likes: 1248 · Posted: 2018-04-07T18:24

▼ Torrance, California

07.04.18 - 18:24
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Releasing Wednesday, April 18th at 11:00am PSD (Los Angeles Time) @woes x @silent_stage DETAILS BELOW 👇👇 MAIN EDITION: “Woes in Paradise” Print Measures 17” x 17” (Inches) Edition of 100 320gsm Museum Smooth Rag Signed and Numbered Retail $75 each HAND EMBELLISHED EDITION: “Woes in Paradise” Print Measures 24” x 24” (Inches) Edition of 10 320gsm Museum Smooth Rag Signed and Numbered Hand Embellished with Gold Leaf Retail $300 each

















This is so beautiful 💜




so psyched about this! 😬💜


I see your grandpas smile in this piece❤️


@woes How do I get one of these? I have to get one for my fiance!


@yuniquepete read the caption homie lol 👊🏽


Love your work man!


I love this....great colors!!!!


Check ya dm


@hairslinga dope af
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