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Media by CreatureBox · BhRoutrFajD · Likes: 8991 · Posted: 2018-04-07T18:15
07.04.18 - 18:15
❤ 8991


After all those years, he just couldn’t shake the gems.







Dg you're amazing


Wickedly awesome 👌🏻




Good lord Haha nice illustration !


So funny 😂😂 it is also a great drawing 👍




Hhhhhhhhh I like this idea, beautiful work...😊


@tim_spindler89 😆 hahaha I love this!! Amazing work ✨




@emimonsters poooooor hahahaha


Hahaha love this!




Oh boy 😂




Haha 🤣 love this!!


I think this is a more accurate illustration of him today lol


Soooo awesome!


I love this lol.can i take this for my next graffiti?


Hahahhah can't wait 😊


This is hilarious! Well done!
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