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Media by Mirus | San Francisco | Denver · BhKvA_MhI2S · Likes: 289 · Posted: 2018-04-05T01:55
05.04.18 - 01:55
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Mirus | San Francisco | Denver

Roman time - conquistador. I dedicated my recent piece Time Gate to the topic of time relativity in that region. While I was working on that, I’ve realised that time in the jungle flow in a different way from time in the city. Maybe this perception of time was one of the roots of Mayan civilalization. So, when conquista started it was conquista of time as well, not only religious and cultural, which is actually continious so far. It is still possible to notice difference of attitude to the time of local mayan people and the tourist people...One of the side walls of my piece titled Time Gate - structure built in Q.Roo jungle and painted entire with acrylic and ink all around. Will publish images of the whole piece soon.





: @aec_interesnikazki



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