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▼ Los Angeles, California

03.04.18 - 04:24
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Esao Andrews

Have 13 pages of art ‘n interviewing in issue 47 of @hifructosemag now available. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!!
This issue features: the strange world of Graham Yarrington, the controversial painted comics of Joan Cornellà, the painted cardboard installations of Dosshaus, the hip-hop infused paintings of Ken Flewellyn, the block prints of Roman Klonek. We take off the mask of Miss Meatface, garden at night with painter Adrian Cox, go into the lair of Wolfbat, rediscover the paintings of Esao Andrews. Plus a Special 16-page glossy insert section dedicated to the paintings of Erik Jones, and an interview with Skinner about his tribute to H.P. Lovecraft




@sirjoancornella @wolfbat @grahamyarrington @esao @missmeatface @kenflewellyn @theartofskinner @adriancoxart @roman_klonek



Congrats! Amazing work ❤️❤️❤️


@ernestrocks remind me to grab this.


Ha! The best 40 second showcase and I need to get a copy- so awesome congrats, Esao!!


Congretulations, it's about time! 😊


@magdelynnwagner in my calendar!


@esao ahhhhh! Thank you!




@rolamugatu thanks!


@esao I hit the wrong newspaper stand then haha I'm at Barnes and Nobel mañana G


Love the magician hand gesture at the beginning! 💫


So dope


How do I get one 🤔


@iheartautumnrain just kidding. Ordered and EXCITEDDDD






@bennyflowers69 you’re gonna get this issue, right?!


That amulet art is amazing. Proud to have it on my wall as a flag <3




😍😍 well done Esao!


Soybean ❤️


Damn congrats!!


So dope


we need this babe! @crawlspacepapi


so excited to see your work always, very happy to see it in this edition - thank you


beautiful stuff man. that thing looks jam packed with all sortsa goodies!




So dope!!!! 👊🍡🤗🦄🌈😇. Esao Angel wins again!


Can’t wait for mine to come. This is incredible!! Some real gems in this skim through 🤘🏼




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