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Media by fin dac · BhCG97WFmtl · Likes: 1177 · Posted: 2018-04-01T17:31
01.04.18 - 17:31
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fin dac

This is everything - Repost @hyphaea - STOP using and posting artists work without crediting them. There is no excuse for that now, with reverse google image search. Artists love to have their stuff shared and reposted- but it’s frustrating when it’s being used for someone else’s benefit without credit. DON’T ask established artists to work “for exposure”. Exposure doesn’t pay their bills, pay off their debt, feed their kids or pay them a living wage for the LIFETIME of work they have invested in their trade. (Including all those free projects they did early on in their careers.) Pro-bono work is reserved for charities and causes that deserve it. If you’re making funds from your work- don’t expect anyone else to work for free to benefit you. ART DOES NOT GROW ON TREES. It takes time, money, sacrifice, blood sweat and tears. It’s a JOB- how artists survive- not just a frolic in the hay. You may not know the scope of hours and effort and training and sacrifice that goes into every piece and career- but START ASSUMING IT’S A LOT. Most artists don’t get paid a living wage per hour, for what goes into all the background work. DON’T ask for deals. Artists already work at a discounted rate, adjusted not to what they should be making, but to what is fair market value (what you can afford.) They don’t get paid for SO many aspects of their careers- all the back end stuff especially. Pay artists MORE than what they are asking, if you can afford it, and promote them as much as you can. DO NOT use other artists work IN ANY MEDIUM (or cross mediums), without getting their permission. This includes using their imagery to make other art. Many artists are open (and honoured) to having their art used for reproductions, however permission and credit is key. If you use their work in part or in whole, CREDIT THEM in every place you publish. And if you’re making money or publishing IN ANY WAY off this reproduction, be supportive and purchase a print or something from the original artist. There are no royalties in the art world (except for graphic design) so be honorable....don’t be a succubean rat.









@findac This also applies to Photographers. Thanks!




Yes I totally agree. People need to stop stealing from artists- no different than stealing from a store






lol all this shifty lol make hard lol smoke lol n chill


👏👏 Yes I totally agree...






That's one of Street Art Cities' most important missions. Credit the artist and it photographer








Thanks !! Good post !


@steeetart360 is guilty of this. Has not credited any of the artists in the photos in their feed.




Well said.






"Fight for your rights!"🎨✊💥




Has anyone tagged @cruzart78 in this ? Oops, I just did


This is looking more relevant now than ever 😂


Well said!


Perfectly put


Really well said @findac it’s a lolty thing to do and I don’t know why they aren’t embarrassed!


Well said! Amen!




Wonder how ’Hush’ feels about this...
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