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Media by Keith Hopewell · Bgv7A7vgVL8 · Likes: 317 · Posted: 2018-03-25T16:02
Media by Keith Hopewell · Bgv7B0SA5l4 · Likes: 317 · Posted: 2018-03-25T16:02
Media by Keith Hopewell · Bgv7CBFg8fZ · Likes: 317 · Posted: 2018-03-25T16:02
Media by Keith Hopewell · Bgv7CJZAPQk · Likes: 317 · Posted: 2018-03-25T16:02
25.03.18 - 16:02
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Keith Hopewell

I still have a few of these New Prints left. Motorcycle Emptiness. Limited edition of 25 signed and numbered. Plus 5 Artist Proofs. £50 (plus £10 postage.... or you can pick it up for free! Ha!) Size: A2 (594mm x 420mm) Printed on Studio Expression Smooth Fine Art 300gsm paper. Each order comes with 5 free stickers. Paypal cash, address and any directions to








Mate that is freakin awesome!


This is amazing! Can I buy one please? Will drop you an email. In Bristol so can collect 😎


@mizz.lou awesome. Im glad you like it. My email address is not the same as my PayPal account. Ha. It’s


@spzero76 ta 👍🏼 Will email you


Ship to the States?


@three28_photography I sure do. Already posted a couple to the US and Australia. Same postage. No extra needed.


Very very nice 👍


any of these still available?


@toastythebear hey. Yep. I still have some of these left if you want one!!


@dj_e_double_d 💦💦
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