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Media by Kent Williams · BgbmFcNgiOh · Likes: 2052 · Posted: 2018-03-17T17:33

▼ Art Boca Raton

17.03.18 - 17:33
❤ 2052

Kent Williams

If you’re in Boca Raton this weekend chk out @galerie_fledermaus and my work at Art Boca Raton!






In good company I can see.

@franck_hames that original pieces of egon schiele next to your Works?


@franck_hames and Klimt on the other side!


Just missed you, was there last week visiting the @MorikamiMuseum


❣❣❣Beautiful work!


Do I spy some Egon Schiele too! Very niice!


In good company I see.


You just achieved my art dream




Just realized that your drawing was in Jessica Jones' bedroom in S2, I knew I saw it somewhere, touché


Thought that was Egon Schiele!


Damn, sandwiched by Egon and Gustav! Dance Lil homie, dance.


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