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Media by Jeremy Geddes · BgM55c8FzjZ · Likes: 13168 · Posted: 2018-03-12T00:37
12.03.18 - 00:37
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Jeremy Geddes

Piece made for the cover of the new @snowpatrol album ‘Wildness’



@comastoness we don’t have plans at this point


@jeremyispainting and I did buy this series in those large postcards.


Amazing! 🙏🏻😍♥️


@jeremyispainting oh you should!


This is beyond beautiful piece of art, my God the energy it resonates ✨🙌 I love when something makes me stop, stare and feel for a while! 🙏🙌✨


So amazing!! Such a beautiful talent!❤️




Hauntingly beautiful ❤️








@rjusth that would make a sweet shirt!




Marvelous No words


Amazing art reminds me of nirvanas in utero album


So sweet






Good stuff :)


@jeremyispainting But IF you should make prints of this.... I am here to buy one, like all the others you did so far, missed the Imperator though but could get one two weeks ago. Amazing work Jeremy.




I Love it !!!!!!!!




Just saw it on telly.


@pautyvale questo


@jeremyispainting i would be very interested to add this to my cosmonaught collection if you do decide to release a print. 💜


@danyzaez estoy seguro de que esto te gustará


@rahi_art_ wooo si! Está increíble y me encanta el color! 💫👌🏾


@danyzaez checa lo demás que tiene sobre astronautas, cuando lo veo pienso en ti jaja


@rahi_art_ ya las vi todas! Wow! 🌿♥️ deberías de hacer algo así.
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