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Media by seth_globepainter · Bg8o78ll9Gw · Likes: 8326 · Posted: 2018-03-30T14:33

▼ Shanghai, China

30.03.18 - 14:33
❤ 8326


"Lil' Tiger", one of the 17 paintings I 've made in the old streets of downtown Shanghai for "Like child's play" solo show at MoCA Shanghai curated by @bin.murmur Each painting represents a kid playing with iconic chinese toys and question us about the transformations of the city.







I love it






Awwww cute!


Beautiful art!


Awwwww 💜💜💜💜💜


😍aaawwww beautiful!!!!


✨✨ lovely piece and image.


@hellokittybyebyedoggy soooo dooe, too cute!






@francescodot quanto me gusta


so great!


This is reminiscent to all of us who grew up in mainland. ❤️




This is so beautiful.




So cool!!! 😍 @deevils1


@hellokittybyebyedoggy Fawka, I meant dope. 😒 Fawkin typo, brah.


So many to I'll go with a recent old woman's shopping cart fell on the train was piled high and train d idnt have enough time to stop and hit it. It sounded like a loling explosion and the train came to a ridiculous short stop.people flew all over the was nuts.i had my children w me too.loling nuts.






Beautiful 👏


That’s amazing! 😍


@ludovico_beat1 eheh


Bellisimo todo lo que haces!!😍👏




we re gonna try to find them!


Bo bo


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