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Media by Jason Limon · Bg7J-lYHFl5 · Likes: 1986 · Posted: 2018-03-30T00:43
30.03.18 - 00:43
❤ 1986

Jason Limon

Anyone (old like me) remember The Letter People, a kids show from the 70’s? I used to watch it on PBS when I was a little guy and my favorite was Mr M, Munching Mouth. Perhaps I’ll do the other letters as well… The painting is up on my website.



Mr Men!


The letter people were my first experience with addiction... somewhere around 1978 or 79? They were the best ;)


@mathoyt2020 haha, same here and about the same time. That would've been about the time I was in kindergarten.


Wow love this!! All your work is so cool!


Sounds like a cool show. After my time though. Was that PBS in the USA?


My kindergarten teacher held on to all her Letter People apparently, went to school in 1989 and that's how we learned to read. Awesome.


Loved them. Tall Teeth terrified me though. It was a bit before my time but a friend of mine had a cool trunk with books and records. I want to see more definitely.


@jonnisage42 yes, PBS here in the US. You can see clips of all the letters on YouTube.


@hembree138 I thought it was a good way to learn. I was into it :)


@wndrlndsyndrome sounds like a fun trunk to dig through. That guy had some crazy teeth. Always talking about all his toothpaste tubes.


My new favorite 😍😍




Oh my goodness! I have and use that gonzo in space Welch’s jelly jar for everything haha love your work ✨💜




Yes! I loved Hairy H and N's noisy nose.


@kittytoes oh yeah! Noisy Nose is a good one too.


Our Kindergarten teacher taught us the alphabet with Letter People


Dang! Love this


Damn, I love your work ⚡️⚡️


Your art is really cool!! Love your style
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