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Media by James Bullough · Bg6eYTgnNS_ · Likes: 967 · Posted: 2018-03-29T18:22
Media by James Bullough · Bg6eYqynlgv · Likes: 967 · Posted: 2018-03-29T18:22
Media by James Bullough · Bg6eYbnnQps · Likes: 967 · Posted: 2018-03-29T18:22
Media by James Bullough · Bg6eYctnBxs · Likes: 967 · Posted: 2018-03-29T18:22
29.03.18 - 18:22
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James Bullough

Oh man! Went to the local shop to do some color research and found out that


have just released a BUNCH of new colors including a much needed dark brown. I got and instant ‘h-ART on’ and cant wait to take these babies out for a test run. - @montana_colors great job! Now we just need a bridge color between Tana and Bean brown and I’m all set with my skin tones!!! (Or you could just pop a little more pink into the Tana and darken it a tad but maybe I’m being a little too picky😉) - Shout out to @graffitiboxshop for always having what I need. You never disappoint! - @sprayplanet @streetsmartnet




YES! Thanks for the news.


Something about the art store paint section gets me all giddy


I need a shop in RVA to carry 94s 🙏🏼


Ive been using gold non stop lately... maybe I need to give 94 another shot!


Molotow did the same 💪🏽👑


@montana_colors ese color sería ideal para retratos!


Oh snap, don't hurt anyone with that hart on James




#spray it don’t say it


Those cans are so sharp. 👌


Nothing a cold shower can't take care of;)


How many cans do you use on average for your larger murals?


Right on! So happy about the Choco Brown. The Ebony color is a bit too dark and I often have to go over it slightly with The Coffee Brown color to fade it out.


Ohhhh lol those are nice




Totalmente de acuerdo con tu comentario bro 😊


Spray paint makes me die a little bit. Like I can feel the brain damage set in but can’t feel my fingers. Just heard about sugar paint though- what do you think about avoiding toxicity? This is a genuine question.


looks great !!






Omg Chocolate Brown. Finally!


@smugone haha. Have you tried it yet? I haven’t.


@james_bullough Nope. Im in Australia. They get everything 2 years late here




You're welcome.. we love your artworks 💥
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