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Media by Carne Griffiths · Bg6OdSTHbE8 · Likes: 619 · Posted: 2018-03-29T16:03

▼ West London Art Factory

29.03.18 - 16:03
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Carne Griffiths

Would you like to attend a workshop of portrait painting? Using teas inks and alcohol I will be giving a portrait demonstration and teaching the techniques I use in my work. For more information go to the @westlondonartfactory instagram page and follow the link in their bio... That’s right! We’re holding an exclusive masterclass in a @carnegriff x @westlondonartfactory collaboration! Be ready for an evening of creativity and experimentation as Carne explains his use of teas, whiskeys and inks in his paintings and then offer you a chance to try it yourself! Tickets go quickly and are available now! Follow our eventbrite link in the bio to book! ☕️🥃🎨🖌














Where it gonna be held mate


Think I was being a big thick doh


It would be great someday to do a webinar or some masterclass online for those of us on the new continent... your work is amazing!


@leigh_hammett at West London Art Factory mate :)


If I were an artist, I'd be there in a flash!


@savlafaire you don't need to be an artist! Come and have a go!!


I wish.... if only in South Africa lol. May it be fun. 😊


Wishing I was there for this!!


@davartsa we wish to 😍 🇨🇦


I booked on this 👍😄looking forward to it!


@lizzi_cooke great Lizzi see you there!


Looking forward to it. Exciting, but also feeling a little intimidated #cantpaintfortoffee


@julia_brace it will be great fun booze and psinying




@carnegriff haha yes what could possibly go wrong 😀 See you then
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