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Media by Henrik Aa. Uldalen · Bg0vdkBny2b · Likes: 26509 · Posted: 2018-03-27T12:56
27.03.18 - 12:56
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Henrik Aa. Uldalen

Rough first pass on a new painting. Always enjoying this part. What’s your favorite part of the process?



Love your work and the process of it being created! Best part is ... hmmm, good question. Getting the underpaintings done- seeing the larger areas covered quickly .. small details seem to drag on( for me).


Love the colors and brush strokes. 💖


Que bella pintura


Leave it rough


Great work


I like the roughs but my favorite is smoothing everything


When it turns from color blobs to works of art


I love it! 😍 I do realism myself if anyone want to check it out and give me some feedback 😊


What do you paint on?


My favorite part is loosely capturing a believable image, skillz


I also live the rough sketching in, wish my cell nfidence outweighed the crippling self doubt to help determine when to stop. I feel like I tend to blend it to death 😐






The end. Small details




Primary specular highlights are my favorite 😂😊


Your work is incredible! 💜




I would say there’s this moment of excitement where you start to see it come to life, maybe you placed the pupils in perfectly and then you see it taking form. I love the freedom you feel at the start.


The initial moment when you see a figure popping out of blots of colour, but mostly the moment you make the whole portrait painting swirl into something supernatural and you let it free...




I always enjoy the final touches, which I suppose is good for my work ethic


😍 ♥ 😍 ♥ 😍


I feel like I learn or notice something new every post. Inspiring 😻


Love seeing the facets of the face textured like this! It’s really interesting to look at and I feel like the 3D quality gets exaggerated in a interesting way!


I love the texture and application of paint.


Beautiful ✨


@henrikaau love the brush strokes on this 👌🏻


Great Great Great!!!


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