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Media by Joker Transcend · Bfvjj5Bl-V7 · Likes: 151 · Posted: 2018-02-28T15:04

▼ Denver, Colorado

28.02.18 - 15:04
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Joker Transcend

Last September I got to work with some really talented artists for Denver’s Colorado Crush. It was me, @patrickkanemcgregor / @baby168nyc / @tristanmcgregor / @mike_171 taking on this massive wall. @baby168nyc did an incredible job with the details on his NYC inspired masterpiece, and @patrickkanemcgregor beautifully painted portraits of the legendary Cool Disco Dan, and Patrick’s bulldog, both of whom had recently passed away. @mike_171 helped out on just about every inch of the wall and my piece would not look nearly as good as it does without @tristanmcgregor - he practically painted my whole piece. It was great to get out and paint, and meet new folks.










Very nice!


Super duty tough work!💪🏻💪🏻


Let’s do another one, maybe bigger? Haha! Miss ya homies @jinscoe @baby168nyc @mike_171


@patrickkanemcgregor do it!!!


Well orchestrated 👌


Patrick has really become an exceptional artist. I love what he does as I had the opportunity to goggle his work. Amazing stuff.




How big is it? Looks massive


@sieuzy12 and he paints so fast.


@brian.h3023 Really, really big? Ha! The wall is about two stories high and forever long.


Where in Denver is this?


@blasee76 I was so lost while I was there. That’s a question for @patrickkanemcgregor


@blasee76 it’s tucked back in these warehouses but if you google @clusterdenver studios or Denver storage, it’s right there by a makeshift skate park


@sieuzy12 thanks Sieu! Been awhile!


Thanks guys. I'll hunt them down.


This was an incredible wall. The time we put in and the fun we had together will Always be remembered. A True Brotherhood was bonded there.
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