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Media by Kikyz1313 · BfuaahyH7xH · Likes: 2225 · Posted: 2018-02-28T04:25
28.02.18 - 04:25
❤ 2225


I’m still working on this drawing 😂. But I promise there so much more in it than this. Lately it’s been so so difficult to take good photo registers of it because of graphite that it’s driving me crazy! Anyway, the amount of work I’m putting in to it’s crazy and I’m just halfway there so thank you all for you patience, sometimes it’s insane to keep up with the ravenous hunger of visual consumerism but I’m certain all you wonderful guys stand by me not because of quantity, but quality ☺️🙏🏼 Cheers!



Amazing! Can you give me know what pencil do u use ?


Very interesting. Reminds me of an old Dr Who episode, the Robots of Death👍


Initially, I thought this was a sculpture. Gorgeous


Ugh, I feel you on the ravenous hunger of visual consumerism. Effing fiends, all of us. Take your time, love! We are not worthy! 💖🌟🙌


oooooooooo shiiiiiit!!!!


@tedrsohns lol!! It’s such an awesome movie!! A shame it’s so underrated!!!


That's a drawing? ... I hate you...




That's the way you do it! ⭐💯


quality over quantity any day, this looks stunning, you inspire!


Hope you're having real fun while doing it, it obviously takes time to give life to such beauty !


Lo que haces me parece alucinante. De artista a arista.


Keep It Up!!


Looks brilliant, truly!


@10isf thank you!! Have to be very patient, but hopefully we’ll get there


@thianhlanh thank you very much! It is the best to know there are actually people who believes in the hard work💪🏻


@jeremyhush thank you so much Jeremy!! It always means the world to know you guys like my silly stuff 😄


@suriarsawinata hahaha thank you!!!


@pammyw222 thank you Pamela!! You know I’m such a fangirl of your work so your comments are always super encouraging! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


@amandaleejonesartstudio thank you !!! Hope it’s worthy at the end!! 😸
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