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Media by Esao Andrews · Bftj2JtnFmj · Likes: 2281 · Posted: 2018-02-27T20:33
Media by Esao Andrews · Bftj3SNnMAN · Likes: 2281 · Posted: 2018-02-27T20:33
Media by Esao Andrews · Bftj3iVHfyx · Likes: 2281 · Posted: 2018-02-27T20:33
27.02.18 - 20:33
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Esao Andrews

Some of the gorgeous @jamesjeanart stained-glass created at @judsonstudios in Pasadena. 🎯🎯 Oh! and @cbmwoodworks did the wooden frames for them. What a team!










🙏🏻thank you!


Oh man oh man oh man😵 I want every window in my house like these




This is amazing, i would Love to see it in real life




@esao where are these on display?




@victorsolomon yoooo




Are these going to be installed permanently or are they strictly objets d'art?


@zinbene I saw these at Judson Studio before being shipped off to @kaikaikikigallery where they’ll be shown. opening April 6


@the_fat_elvis_years I dunno. The way they are framed I think they are more like stand alone art partitions


I'm gonna be in Japan when the show is open! Can't wait to see it. Wish I could make the opening




@esao I really hope they are installed someday.




@im_dirtywolf enséñele esto a combo


Esao pls check the direct))) 😬😉


@s.e.b.a.s que pichudo mae


These are so rad!!!!


Was definitely a fun little build


Nice work


Someone should start an art church


🙌🏻 yeeessss! I seen one of his ig yesterday, these close ups are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing sooooo dope! I have some friend working in stained glass Rn its awesome to see how things can translate large scale!!!


👍 👍


@esao The stained glass art by @jamesjeanart is stunning. My favorite piece is the first one. 😍




Wow ❤️❤️


Wow ❤️❤️
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