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Media by Rone · BfaKCgynwP1 · Likes: 2082 · Posted: 2018-02-20T07:39
Media by Rone · BfaKD61nR7e · Likes: 2082 · Posted: 2018-02-20T07:39
20.02.18 - 07:39
❤ 2082


@rone_vr by @lesterfrancois will be having it’s US premiere at @sxsw in March. If you can’t make it to Texas you can see the film for a limited time @virtualrealitycinema Collingwood. March 2,3&4. These clips are part of the RONE VR movie showing the making of the Empty exhibition. Music by @eatenbydogs_music



So fantastic Tyrone xx @r_o_n_e


@dj_k_rat ❤️


@r_o_n_e Reminds me I must send you the photos of you jumping with the Collingwood college kids!


Ps you weren’t joking when you said you were an expert jumper!!


@emilyjean_rutherford ‼️


@lesterfrancois good darts mate.


@scottkilmartin Thanks man! ⚡️




Seriously freakin' Awesomeness and simply too dope for my screen 🙈👌🏻


@hinderhinder ...did we?


@hinderhinder oh haha second vid... 👍👍


Wow!! 🙌🏻 Coming yo NYC?


Nice work as always man, hope you’re well. Looks great!


Amazing ❤️


@hannahfoxlee what a day that was ✨


That's amazing. Beautiful work and a fresh and contemporary way to display all the fruits of your labor! True inspiration ✌


Congrats. Amazing stuff


Awesome! @bo_bemily


@tacokillers this was the exhibition for that building that we snuck into.


amazing i love your work


@mr_meley first for me too👍 such good memories watching this.


@m_e_g_a_n_q we lost our VR virginity together 😆


@san_choy_bow @jlartsphere we should go see this


@leithal001 yeah I'm down, we brought a piece from this show, it was ahhhhmazing!


Come to Kansas City!!!!!!!!! We have lots of potential homes for your work


@iamannajacobs @seepaparun








Awesome mate! U going to the opening? SO Wanna hit SXSW one day!
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