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Media by Rone · BfUFCSqndON · Likes: 4312 · Posted: 2018-02-17T22:58
17.02.18 - 22:58
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@allthoseshapes capture the last moments of this wall. Sad to see this one go.




Wish I had of seen in person. It was beautiful


@jc_guilfoyle Fitzroy


She’s looking to her demise.. it’s quite heart wrenching to see her face like this now.. the end is near 😒


@hannahfoxlee heartbreaking !! 😦


@katpayne is this the building that now means you have a temp view of skyline? Did you ever see the work inside of it??


@r_o_n_e thanks


Exhibition & Collins St corner was sad too😒... a testament to your work that we all get upset by its loss!


So sad to see not only a magnificent piece of art go, but also a stunning piece of Melbourne history and architecture πŸ˜“.... and all in the name of β€œprogress” πŸ˜’




Awesome photo!


Is this the car park in rose st?


Be happy ! Feel the burn! Feel the impermanence of all.


A very sad moment


Another example of Melbourne being slowly but surely, totally bloody ruined 🀬πŸ˜₯


No 😱 none of your Art should ever go 😭




It was so beautiful😍




I’m literally next door , I thought maybe the mural would be restored and preserved like those beautiful round windows, but last week all came down, no respect to art or history.πŸ˜₯


Magnificent mate. Woo ☺


So are we @leighdogg


@wellbee 😭😭


A shared was a great moment/event/show/whatever


@seepaparun @eliseburchsmith @iamannajacobs






Your a rockstar πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―




@nohascoin no but from that pic it’s a lot better that what we have now. Shame. But temporary view of city skyline till 8 stories go up πŸ˜–


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