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Media by Craig Gleason 🔪 · BfOv07ZjfHr · Likes: 3060 · Posted: 2018-02-15T21:16
15.02.18 - 21:16
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Craig Gleason 🔪

“SO LONG” 8.5”x11” Line work only For sale: $1.25 Comment: GET GOOD POSER to claim.



Feelin this alot today, Killer!


@guadalooope that would be amazing. Just the boots as tall as one of the Guys.


Wonderful clapback. I’m sure you know you’re fabulous, that internet jerks are common and that that specific one doesn’t value the skill and style you’ve developed for however many countless years you got under your belt because they can’t fathom how ink on paper is worth more than a couple of bucks. You’re pricing is fair, your work is outstanding, and who cares what he thinks, I think or whatever. I appreciate your work so much!! Thanks for sharing it on IG.


Is this sold?


"I can draw more than one type of shoe, for sure" -Picasso


@peterrabbit86 never mind I see :(


This is such a great response to that lame ass commenter 👏🏻 I'm here for the sandal ideas. Let's see some gnarly ass toes


@peterrabbit86 did I just tag myself? I did, oh shucks I'm a goofball. Any way keep up the cool work.


This made me snort 😂


I also like my comments if anybody cares


Craig for the win 🙌🙌😂


Daaaamn. Would have gone good with mine 🤨


Get good poser


Pfff... you only draw one type of shoe. You’re not even a real artist. Real artists can draw at least 2 types of shoes.


That’s what you should get on your gravestone... “here lies Craig Gleason. He couldn’t even draw more than one type of shoe.”


@spazzrazkid watch his story and then read the caption lmaoo


I think we should do a shoe contest, but they should all be the same type. #onetypeofshoe for the win




I’d also like to add you are a great inspiration, I really enjoy your account. I hope you continue following your dreams of being a poser #poser4lyfe




@craig.gleason To be fair you draw high heeled lady’s slanty boots too. So. Two types of footwear.


@craig.gleason such a cute piece, to bad I was Uber late


@iamuglypeople Hey, he'll draw loafers and trainers when he feels like it #whoevenownstwotypesofshoes


Hey I think your work is terrific.


So so so mad I didn’t snag this


@craig.gleason saw ur story dude and just wanted to letcha know that I love what u do. ✌🏼




Yeah I agree with that guy. Has anyone else noticed that Craig also only draws bad guys?? Can't you even draw a GOOD GUY. GET A TALENT ALREADY HACK.


No but seriously, it's very impressive what you do, especially being so consistent at it. You and your art have a very unique personality.


Do what you want it’s your art! lol that guy , much love for you ya Craig
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