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Media by Craig Gleason 🔪 · BfNPzcNHQlm · Likes: 6614 · Posted: 2018-02-15T07:17
15.02.18 - 07:17
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Craig Gleason 🔪

“Murmur and Attack” 8.5”x11”








I'd snatch up one of these prints in a heartbeat 😁


Excellent socks!


Come to see our page @gemelliiride 👽💀👺👾🤖




Oh . i thought it was the heartbreak gang haha.


Make prints!! Love this


I love them




prints pleAaaase


I've never put a face with the guy who killed my father. prepare to die, Monsieur Attack


hej, good vibes from germany, i love what you do! please follow me @lichtpost and spread the light! thanx!


"The palpitations"




He shoedn't of called you out hahaha.


Seriously brother, your art is brilliant and a riot. Keep it up man.


I'd also draw a shopping cart full of shoes now haha I'd buy that print.


Such a great image. You could do a Yin/Yang symbol as well!


@beeblebee tag yourself

@beastandsquid is this piece still available? @craig.gleason


Not bad


This is absolutely genius and beautiful


@sergiozunigacomics what is wrong with wanting to live off your art? Art takes time and money, and if you want to share it with the world why not sell it? It costs a lot to just live so I don’t get why you’re crapping on him. “True artists” can, and should, make money.


@beetrixkiddo my point is u should make art wether or not u sell anything.


@sergiozunigacomics you work to earn money to live the life you want, right? Why should Craig be any different?


I love this! A beautiful portrait of you and @_bridget.lang_


I need this tatted haha my daily struggle


@sergiozunigacomics "true artist"? Since when do "rules" exist in art?


Artist, musician, singer/songwriters etc are getting screwed right now. Ever since the introduction of the internet people develop their own prints of artists hard earned work. If you want to see Craig's amazing work you should be happy to support him while he pursues his dream, not complaining about wether he is going to continue to make art because he ain't getting money. It costs a hell of a lot to do what he is doing. Art materials, pens, paper, pencils then he has to send the illustration to print where he then has to buy packaging to send the prints. Making art is expensive. Now sit the lol down @sergiozunigacomics
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