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Media by Craig Gleason 🔪 · BfNPzcNHQlm · Likes: 6604 · Posted: 2018-02-15T07:17
15.02.18 - 07:17
❤ 6604

Craig Gleason 🔪

“Murmur and Attack” 8.5”x11”




Dope! 👏👏👏






I'd snatch up one of these prints in a heartbeat 😁


Excellent socks!


Come to see our page @gemelliiride 👽💀👺👾🤖




Oh . i thought it was the heartbreak gang haha.


Make prints!! Love this


I love them




prints pleAaaase


I've never put a face with the guy who killed my father. prepare to die, Monsieur Attack


hej, good vibes from germany, i love what you do! please follow me @lichtpost and spread the light! thanx!


"The palpitations"




He shoedn't of called you out hahaha.


Seriously brother, your art is brilliant and a riot. Keep it up man.


I'd also draw a shopping cart full of shoes now haha I'd buy that print.


Such a great image. You could do a Yin/Yang symbol as well!
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