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Media by #ELMAC · BfJiW57j5nn · Likes: 3889 · Posted: 2018-02-13T20:54
Media by #ELMAC · BfJiW4rjH9v · Likes: 3889 · Posted: 2018-02-13T20:54

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13.02.18 - 20:54
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Not sure what’s happening here but will be a shame if this one is destroyed. ‘Of Our Youth’, painted in 2010 in Culver City with @retna + assistance from


.. 1st photo: @server.1028














@pixerella10 Hadn't Noticed The Construction


That entire area is getting developed and gentrified into yuppie art galleries. It’s spreading into west Adams and so on, sad reality :(


Sad, sad 😧....




There are people trying to make the world a beautiful place. And there is the other kind destroying it. 👎


Modern-day hieroglyphics! 👌




I hope they have the wisdom and vision to leave it be.


Looks like a good candidate for the visual arts act of 1990 😉


sad face


No opportunity! This wall was hard to take in picture but so wonderfull! Do they destroy the Nichos nearby too?




🤔🤔🤔🤔 @mayorofla too busy gentrifying the neighborhoods. :(


@juantonamobay damn man! I remember going to see this one!


@los_sol 2010 man! Will never forget when we went to MOCA and saw all the legends work!


@davidfloresart 😞


@nickiemtl it’s all gone!




@elithegreat1 they may buff it 😫😫😫😫


@nychos Nonooooo! It was in my plan to return during my next trip to LA in March but this time with a wide angle. But this is the specificity of street art no? If you see something nice or something that intrigued you, stop. Take the time to look at it before you never know if it will be there tomorrow. That is why I love street art. It is ephemeral




Amazing work! I hope it stays




sad day


The buff is all part of what makes graffiti so alluring. It can not be saved for later.


:/ watched you guys paint this one for hours and always tell people to check it out when they’re in culver. That’s a bummer


Nooooooo drove by this for 7.5 years!!! I will be so sad!!!


I always like to point this mural out to friends when I take them to LAX


Ohh nooooo @pollyoner


A damn shame 🙁
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