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13.02.18 - 06:52
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A short film by @dyllan_corbett for the Geelong silos is now up (see link on my bio page↖️)




Thanks to @genfyansford @icdproperty



Inspiringly beautiful, as usual - Congratulations Rone! ✨🎨✨


Very cool 👌


@smccaughey 👌




fantastic! 💕




Fabulous piece!




Amazing work! Incredible size. 🔨👍


You are an inspiration to many @r_o_n_e




This took tears from my eyes.




Amazing! Incredible artist 👏👏


So good! Fantastic legacy piece.


For me this is quite possibly you're no best work.


Love your work well done!!


@alannah2 this is the artist I was telling you about! I thought it would be his work!




Loved everything about this went and saw it on the weekend they look better up close even my elderly mother loved it she was so surprised how your able to do this well done ⭐️
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