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Media by Stephen Palladino · Beqq-6Il-jj · Likes: 290 · Posted: 2018-02-01T21:01
01.02.18 - 21:01
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Stephen Palladino

Been a lot of fun and hard work the past year or more on getting this vision on paper. Really excited for the brother Erick, he's an awesome human! Get the album. Truly unique. Much respects.


from @erickarcelliott here is the final cover for Arcstrumentals2! many thanks to my wonderful team and everyone who played a part in the creation of this album. a special thanks to my brother stephen for believing in this vision and crafting this scene for me. preorder arcstrumentals2 now! iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play & Tidal. PHYSICAL COPIES WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON 02.16.18 cover: @goodandshiddy



Hell yeahhhhh


Congrats broski!!!






Congrats dude


Amazing my dudeeeee




Congrats bro


your photo feels lovely..




@iamvikn thanks brotherrrr
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